Friday, April 24, 2009

A quiet night...

I can now chill out at home. Got those sweet dumplings from China town, also had vege steam buns and spring onion pancake. So cheap!

Anyway, Dave and I's Trip... lets see if I can come up with a plan now.

8th August // arrive 7am, get picked up by my brother and his wife. I believe its in the morning. I'd wanna try and get to a record store asap so I can find out when shows are on.
9th //
10th //
11th //
12th // Start using our JR Rail pass, go to Kyoto! See heaps of temples and shrines.
13th // Catch a train to Tokyo (2.5hours), Check into Hostel and go out for dinner. Hopefully see a show
14th // Hopefully see a show. Check out the city.
15th // Shopping!! Records, gifts, rollercoasters and ferris wheels haha
16th // Catch a train to Nikko, check into hostel and go exploring!
17th // Visit an Osen, see rad nature stuff
18th // Catch a train back to Tokyo to Narita airport and fly to NYC!
Stay on the east coast until the 13th of September. Boston definitely, DC? New Jersey? Philly?
13th // Fly to San Fran, go to Skates on Haight!
Need to get from San Fran to LA somehow, possibly Bus/Plan/Train
18th // Venice Beach/Celebrity house tour
20th // Shopping, send things home...Fly back from to Australia ~sigh~

I want to...
- mosh
- meet new people
- see sick new bands
- go to a pop punk house show and let loose
- eat heaps of amazing vegan food
- go record shopping and buy merch
- get tattooed, something smally, probably an eagle head (East to West)
- See internet people and have awesome hang outs!
- See the statue of liberty and imagine what it'd really look like if the world came to an end
- Fall more in love with my boyfriend whilst seeing the world
- Be sweaty when people at home are freezing!


Busy Busy Busy

Life kept me busy these past few weeks, thus why nothing has been updated for a while.

I am organising this Art Exhibit which I'll probably do an entry at another time about why I'm so passionate about making this awesome.

New band is still taking a long fucking time to come together - its so frustrating! I want to practise so bad.. esp with a drummer. Had a "prac" last night, it was cool hanging out atleast!

Looking for bands to play this exhibit now.... this part is always hard.

I am also going on Triple J to talk about it as well. I am pretty damn excited about this!

I am going to go meet Dave now maybe get cheap dumplings tonght for dinner mmmm