Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Blog

I found my livejournal this week. It dates back to 2005 and while that doesn't seem that long ago, I've changed so fucking much. One of the entries talks about how, 'I'm almost vegan now!' and how 'straight edge' I am. I also read about all the adventures I got up to and the friends I was with and how much I loved them. Puts things into perspective even more. Sometimes you just have to accept that fact that your close friends aren't that close anymore.
Its funny, to a non-suspecting reader it'd be a pretty boring livejournal to read, but I can read between the lines and remember what else was going on that I couldn't put into writing.

I want to use this blog to document my adventures and stupid opinions so I have something to laugh about in 5 years. Who knows, I could read this in 5 years and think, 'I can't believe I was straight edge back then!' haha.

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