Sunday, March 15, 2009

Better days..

Rough week last week! I've come through fine. Friends and my new band are a big part of that. There's something about jamming songs in a prac room that can let you forget your troubles.
We have a bass player now! His name's Lachie, from the country, now living in Melbourne. Dude seems super chill. I was pretty sketch this prac, but hopefully we're jamming again this weekend, so I can keep at it. Getting better at writing lyrics on the spot. The content is pretty simple. Not tackling any major issues, just shit I think about.
Went to a show out at Sommerville. Was fair horrible. Went because my friends were there. Glad I went in the end.

Dave is an idiot and a loser, why is he so lame....I mean errr.

I wrote some stuff for my penpal. I like the idea of having a penpal from the otherside of the world. He's from Texas... it was fun doing stuff for him and know he'll be opening up my letter on the otherside of the world and will hopefully brighten his day. I know when I get cool mail it gets me stoked.

Pretty sure I've figured out what I'm doing for Dave and I's 3 year anniversary. Can't mention anything more about it as he's advised he'll be reading this later.

At the moment these things are making me happy...
- My Dad will be fine
- I love my boyfriend and still get lovey dovey feelings when I look at him
- My new band, makes me feel proactive and like I'm actually contributing to the scene
- The friends I am hanging out with more often these days
- Having a housemate, even if he isn't here very often!
- My penpal

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