Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Band Prac Yesterday

I am excited. Had the first proper band practice of the new band I'm in. We met up at Midian around 2pm-ish and jammed some tunes. It was pretty easy considering Pete (Bill Shankly drummer) had written and recorded some tracks like mid last year. He put them onto tape and gave them to us, so we all knew what we were going to be doing. James (Jaws, Diamond Sea etc) is on drums - which rules. I know he's an awesome drummer. This reminds me, I need to burn him a copy of the first Body Count album. He's curious to hear that horrendous drum solo. Bec ended up coming for the last hour. That was unexpected. I know she's really busy with school, so I don't know whether she'll be in the band for a long time. She doesn't get time to practice bass.
So, we jammed out 4 songs or 5 I think? Including a Black Flag cover (Wasted). That was really fun. My old band never got to do a cover, we were too lazy. It was easier just to write a new song instead.
Before practice I actually wrote some lyrics to one of the pre-recorded songs. Its kinda funny, to me anyway, I was trying to find the remote for the tape player so I could go back and fort easily... so I got super frustrated trying to find the damn thing (still haven't found it) so I started writing a song about losing my mind. Remote was inspiration. Still can't find the fucker, this makes things awkward. I basically have to sit with a chair infront of the stereo... it just looks weird.
Also before practice, Dave and I got rid of some stuff as Cashies. I felt like a junkie just standing in line at that place. Needless to say, I got $10 for my old TV and Dave got $70 for his guitar and case. We didn't care though, the stuff was taking up too much room in an already small unit.
For lunch we went to Trippy Taco. For those who aren't familiar with Trippy Taco, they do vegetarian Mexican, with a vegan option for pretty much everything. So, I had one of their amazing hot chocolates and a couple breakfast tacos (Scrambled tofu, salsa, avocado, squeezed lime and delicious flavours). Any one who comes to Melbourne needs to check this place out.
After Lunch we went to this Lost and Found store which had overpriced second hand stuff. Although, it did inspire me to buy one of those chunky 90's cameras... you know? The ones that actually develop FILM! I love my digital camera, but I miss that excitement of picking up developed film. I also want to buy a tape/Walkman. I have too many awesome tapes I don't listen to enough.

Me, full and satisfied at Trippy Taco

Dave (left), entrance to Trippy Taco (right)

After Practice I went to MK and Glenn's place. We made like the best pizzas in history. I am currently eating the left overs for breakfast. We also played Mario Kart on Wii. Needless to say, I had a fucking blast!

Its a long weekend this weekend. I love that its Sunday, and I know that I still have another whole day off after this one. Can't beat that feeling when you haven't had a day off in a while.

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