Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ill Brigade Shows

Currently I am tired as all fuck, so not sure how this'll come out...
Thursday night's show was great. Rort, Lookin In, Iron Mind and Ill Brigade played. It was a matter of quality over quantity when it came to the people who came out. Every band had a good response. It was a great vibe and left me feeling siked. I moshed and it was fun.
After the show, I finialised the details with Ill Brigade as I was going in the van with them to Adelaide. Definitely legit awesome dudes.

I probably had 4 hours sleep before I got ready and hopped into the van with IB. They had a 7 seater van and there was just 5 of us. Shit was chill!
No real crazy van stories other than Chris getting a fine for speeding... and some random stopping to give his two cents on the whole scenario.

Good to get to Adelaide. Its not much, but there's awesome people. Line up was Chocolate Chip, Crater Face, Infection, Lookin In and then IB. Cookie were pretty awesome, but being that exhausted, I wasn't too much in the mood for a face-melting. I moshed for pretty much the whole set of Lookin In. This was fun, hardest I've moshed since breaking my leg.
Afterwards, hung out with a big bunch of people. Didn't get to bed until about 3am-ish. The IB guys left pretty early. I flew home with Qantas! later on... keen to have done that, I was exhausted.

Fuck, I thought I could do a semi-good job at typing this right now, but fuck it. I'm going to bed... will add other shit later.

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