Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things are calming down

Well, the benefit show has come and gone... now I am a lot less busy and as a result fairly bored.
This Saturday I have my first proper band practice with a new band. I'm pretty excited, but also nervous. I don't know what I want to do with my vocals for this band as its going to be fairly poppy. First practice might be horrendous, who knows? Tonight I'm going to finish up writing some lyrics for the remaining songs that Pete's recorded. We still need a bass player... so if you're good and shit and like LA 80's punk..
Been watching the American version of the Office. I'm coming into this pretty late, but fuck its so good. Stoked on housemate having seasons 2 and 3 on DVD.
Made some awesome spag bol last night using this tinned mince stuff. Not sure where it was bought from, but its perfect for spaghetti. Add some garlic, italian herbs, salt n pepper, pinch of sugar and some tomato sauce... yum! I have been told that putting sugar in tomato sauce takes away the acidity from it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong... I swear it works though.

Lookin In are going to Adelaide next weekend and I'm keen as pie to go. Someone needs to give me a spot in their car. Keen to catch up with Adelaide crew, esp Moose, Lewis, Mara and Dougie. Good people.

I'm at work at the moment and its quiet as all hell, its great. I had a whole floor of a building to myself for almost 2 hours.

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